The Value of Water Massage Therapy

One of the things I ask my clients all the time. How much water do you typically drink each day? “Not enough,” “I drink a lot of tea,” or “Does coffee count?” are typically the responses. “NO” is the response. Every day, all you should be drinking is plain old water. Coffee is a diuretic, which means that it causes your body to lose more water.

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Water and Your Health

The first glass of water of the day is the most crucial one. After a long night of sleep, replenish your body’s lost moisture by drinking a big glass of water. It will increase metabolism. Water is the most plentiful nutrient in the body and the most crucial one for growth, development, and health. Even though it doesn’t produce energy as fat and carbs do, water is nevertheless a crucial component of the energy transformation process. The medium through which all energy reactions occur is water. Your joints benefit from the lubrication that water provides. It is a component of the synovial fluid, the substance that lubricates the joints in your body. Your body has less fluid available to protect these tissues if it is dehydrated, even for a short while. 70% of muscle is water. You are 85% water in your brain. Just picture how worn out or exhausted you would feel all day if your body isn’t getting enough water. You’ll notice and feel a change in your body’s wellness if you drink more water.

Dehydration and Massage

Skin tone loss or loose, wrinkled skin is one of the most prevalent symptoms of dehydration. Imagine how much thicker your blood has grown if your body isn’t getting enough water. Imagine now that your muscle fibers are clinging together like chilled, drained spaghetti. Recognized the image? So, when the blood is thicker and the muscle fibers are “sticky,” how can your body and muscles function at their best? This results in the body’s toxins being lodged in the muscle tissue, where they stay and produce aches, pains, headaches, and other symptoms.

Usually, thirst is not the primary nor the sole sign of dehydration. Dehydration can also cause other symptoms, such as headaches, weariness, myofascial pain, dizziness, weakness, fast pulse, dry flushed skin, and cramping in the muscles.

When the body is completely hydrated, the blood moves more quickly, thins down the muscular tissue, and absorbs vital nutrients. There are no longer any signs of exhaustion or aches and pains since the muscle fibers have separated, are more hydrated, and are functioning at their peak.

It is advised to sip water after a massage. One reason is that drinking water will aid the kidneys and other organs in processing the many compounds that are constantly moving through the body; also, you need to flush out the toxins that are generated after a massage session. By hydrating the muscles, drinking water before a massage facilitates the therapist’s ability to undertake deep work on the patient.

Muscle and Water

You need water to move and develop muscle. Your muscles aren’t getting adequate electrolytes if you don’t drink enough water. Control and muscle strength are compromised. 70% of muscle is water. Just 25% of fat is water. Drinking water increases muscular mass, which makes the muscle function more effectively and burns fat.

Excessive water consumption promotes fat loss. Urine is the body’s natural way of eliminating ketones, which are a natural consequence of burning fat. Water consumption aids in their removal, enhancing the process of burning fat. Not drinking enough water can cause your body to metabolize fat and digest meals less effectively, overwork your heart, and increase your risk of heat stroke on hot days.

Some of you may argue that drinking water is uninteresting and dull, that you can’t possibly consume eight or more glasses a day, that you’re too busy to do so, or that it’s difficult to rush to the restroom. Whatever your opinion of water, once you understand how important it is for maintaining your health, gaining muscle, and reducing weight, you will seize every opportunity to drink more of it. So lift your glass and raise a toast! To your well-being!

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