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Examining Needle Bearings in More Detail: Types and Features

The rolling parts of needle roller bearings are needle rollers. Needle roller bearings are characterized by cylindrical rolling elements that are categorized as needle rollers if their rolling element diameter is less than 6 mm and their rolling element length to diameter ratio is less than 1:1. These bearings are renowned for their excellent load-bearing […]

Pharmaceutical Applications & The Working Principle of Planetary Mixers

A planetary mixer is a multifunctional piece of equipment with attachments that rotate in a planetary motion to perform tasks like mixing and whipping. The mixing blades spin around the vessel’s axis and travel in the opposite direction to sweep the whole circle. A planetary mixer is a standing or vertical mixer in which the […]

There Are Pellet Mills

Amandus Kahl is the exclusive representative of LCI within the United States. The pellet mill is used in many applications in the chemical, plastics, ceramics, beverage and other industries The firm exported an entire grass pellet line to Poland. The buyer and our firm had a good working relationship in the course of the installation. […]

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