SQL Payroll Software: 7 Reasons to Use It

Payroll software for SQL is essential for both small and large businesses. It’s difficult to figure out employee pay, bonuses, leave, print paystubs, send emails, and a lot of other things. It takes hours of labor, and you will need to assign this duty to several people. Additionally, a small error will force you to start over.

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Why not utilize an automated system to handle the job of several staff for you, guaranteeing accuracy every time?

Sounds convincing enough yet? Here are several advantages that come with using SQL payroll software, along with reasons to utilize it in order to boost accuracy and save time.

Rapid and Precise

The primary benefit is the fast and precise computations provided by SQL payroll software. Making hundreds of employees’ paychecks every month is a demanding task. Furthermore, the computations get a little more difficult when limitations like overtime and leave management are included.

All of this can be completed with a few mouse clicks using SQL payroll software, and in a matter of minutes, your payroll will be ready. Additionally, the program will account for any overtime, sick days, and leaves and give you an exact result.

Simple Month-End Operation

You may designate distinct month endings for individual employees using the SQL payroll software. those in sales, for example, can have their month-end on the 25th, and those in other departments on the 30th. Employees in sales will receive their pay from the software on the 25th, while other employees will receive their salaries on the 30th.

Payments via Electronic

More than 25 Malaysian banks are connected to the SQL payroll software. Because of this, wages may be sent automatically without requiring your input. Should you grant permission, the program will compute the employee’s compensation at the end of each month and transfer it to them automatically, saving you the trouble of manually transferring the money or signing checks.

Recognizes the law

The goal of SQL Payroll software development is to make you feel comfortable and at ease. It relieves the burden of deciphering intricate laws and integrating them into your payroll system. There is nothing you need to do because the program complies with all Malaysian statute bodies. In addition to accounting for the most recent contribution rates, the SQL account will compute contributions for EPF, SOSCO, EIS, HRDF, and PCB.

Isn’t it fantastic?

Simple Adjustments

You have the freedom to add, edit, and remove employee data from any location using SQL Payroll software. You may update or modify your existing database from any location in the world with the software’s cloud database feature.

Deliver Management Reports

You may want an accurate and comprehensive report on your employees’ productivity at the end of the year. An accurate understanding of your employee’s work hours, vacation days, overtime worked, and many other details is provided by the payroll account.

All statutory report forms, such as EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, PCB Income Tax CP39, and EIS Lampiran 1, are also included in the sql payroll program. It also gives you the option to submit electronically.

It Saves Money

Your affordable answer to all of your payroll, HR, and personnel administration issues is SQL Payroll software. To handle your accounts, you won’t need to hire highly skilled and knowledgeable people. With a few clicks, you can produce payroll, payslips, reports, and much more more easily thanks to the program.

You would assume that the program would be difficult to use given its abundance of features. That is untrue, though. With minimal training, anybody can become an experienced user of SQL Payroll software because to its user-friendly design.

In conclusion

We are among Malaysia’s top consulting firms, and we can help you with SQL business software. Our staff will provide the optimal software solution to enable you to handle your payroll systems; all you have to do is let us know what you need. In the first three steps of our six-step software deployment process, we will assess your needs, develop a system to meet those objectives, and teach you on how to use the program. Aside from that, our customer service is always here to assist you in addressing any problems.

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