What Is and How to Use THC Vape Juice

Do you prefer to vape marijuana than smoke it? A vape pen and some THC vape juice are the two essential items. The knowledgeable staff at Honest Marijuana explains all there is to know about THC vape juice in this article, helping you to grasp its nature and use.

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We’ll even walk you through making your own THC vape juice and determining the ideal dosage to get the strongest high along the way. Now let’s get going.

Vape Juice: What Is It?

Vape juice, often known as e-juice or e-liquid, is a concoction of water, food-grade flavoring, propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), and occasionally alcohol or nicotine.

The introduction of e-cigarettes as a cigarette substitute brought vape juice to the public eye. Because of this, insiders often only use the phrase “vape juice” (by itself) to describe a liquid that:

includes nicotine

is utilized in place of smoking cigarettes.

It is therefore improper to refer to vape juice as THC vape juice when you really mean other cannabis-related lingo. If you do, those with more knowledge might get perplexed.or consider you to be a tool, at the absolute least.

Say vape juice if you’re talking about a cigarette substitute (with or without extra nicotine). Say THC vape juice if you’re talking about vaping to get high.

THC Vape Juice: What Is It?

Water (or alcohol), flavoring, and PG or VG make up THC vape juice, which is essentially the same as vape juice with the addition of a THC concentrate.

The most popular THC concentrate formulations are:

CO2 extraction

THC in liquid form


If you dilute cannabis oil (also known as Rick Simpson oil) before applying heat, it can also be used. All of these will be covered in more depth later in this article in the Can You Make Your Own THC Vape Juice? section.

What Impact Does THC Vape Juice Have?

The effects of THC vape juice are identical to those of smoking a high-THC strain as it is essentially concentrated THC. THC vape juice side effects frequently include:

Time distortion

heightened susceptibility to stimuli

Feeling sleepy


A.k.a. the munchies: hunger

Your body composition, metabolism, and a variety of other variables all have a major role in how strong those impacts are.

This implies that your friend might only reach the top of the Empire State Building (figuratively speaking, of course) depending on how much THC vape juice (or how many tokes) they take to get you into the stratosphere.

Does THC Vape Juice Have Any Side Effects?

Like any THC substance, there’s always a chance of experiencing a really unpleasant trip. THC vape juice has relatively little CBD, CBN, or CBG because it is frequently manufactured from high THC strains.

The effects of THC are lessened and enhanced by certain cannabinoids. Too much THC without CBD and similar compounds can lead to:

crippling fear


throwing up

Lack of consciousness (the worst sort)

Thus, while using THC vape juice for the first time, proceed with caution. A poor vacation is the worst thing ever, especially if you can avoid it.

Is Vape Juice With THC Legal?

Both yes and no. We are aware that’s complicated, but then again, so are the US marijuana regulations. In essence, everything depends on where you reside.

While some states have solely legalized marijuana for medical purposes, others have authorized the drug for recreational use. I hope you reside in one of those states, or close to one. If you’re very unfortunate, you reside in a state where the use of any kind of cannabis is still prohibited.

All we can say if that’s the case is “Be patient.” The times have indeed changed.

You may get THC vape juice at your neighborhood dispensary if you reside in a state where marijuana use for recreational purposes is allowed and you meet certain age requirements. You will need to consult a doctor in order to obtain a prescription if you reside in a state where only medical marijuana is permitted.

My buddy, if you reside in a state where either is prohibited, you’re pretty much out of luck. Apologies.

Is It Possible to Make Your Own THC E-Juice?

Yes. In reality, there are several approaches to creating your own THC vape juice, each with advantages and disadvantages of its own. Making a tincture is the easiest (though not always the quickest) way to do this. That tincture may then be used as your THC e-juice.

This is the procedure.

Make Your Own THC Vape Juice

Cut up your plant material, then decarboxylate it for 35 minutes at 230°F.

Carefully transfer the decarboxylated cannabis into a 32-ounce (quart) mason jar.

Add thirty-two ounces of the strongest possible alcohol. Everclear is a good option, but stay away from isopropyl alcohol at all costs.

Tightly cover the jar. This is a good place for a screw-on lid.

Give it a good shake.

The mason jar should be kept in a closet or cupboard after being placed in a brown paper bag. Sunlight ruins the tincture, so store the container in a sack in a dark spot.

Keep an eye on the place where you keep your brew. Warm or room temperature is more appropriate than hot.

For a minimum of 30 to 60 days—the longer the better—let the mason jar rest.

Following the steeping time, strain the leftover liquid through cheesecloth to extract the plant material.

To maintain the liquid’s strength, store it in an opaque bottle out of direct sunlight.

Since it just contains alcohol and marijuana, this kind of THC vape juice is relatively watery; however, you can manufacture other products, such as cannabis oil and liquid THC, that will likely be more viscous, or “thick like grease.”

It’s not the end of the world if you wind up with one of these bulkier types. All you have to do is thin down the mixture with another component. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) can help with it.

How to Calculate the Dosage of THC Vape Juice

The packaging on your THC vape juice will indicate the recommended dosage if you purchased it from a nearby dispensary. Additionally, it will indicate the amount of THC in that dosage. To achieve the best results, adhere to the guidelines.

It’s incredibly hard to know how much THC you’re receiving if you produce your own vape juice. Take it carefully at first and start with a modest quantity. Because THC vape juice is naturally more concentrated than conventional dried weed, you might need fewer doses to achieve a strong enough high.

You don’t have to use up all of the liquid in vaporizers and vape pens at once, which is one of its many wonderful features. It’s not like a blunt, joint, or Thai stick that you should smoke all the way through once it starts to burn.

You may take one hit from a vape pen, lay it away, and then return in a few minutes to take another one. Thus, you may truly play about with the number of hits needed to reach extremely high.

You’ll be able to determine the precise amount of THC vape juice required for a satisfying smoke sesh using that knowledge. In the long run, that can save you money and THC vape juice.

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